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Product Installation Guide

 Product Fitting Instructions for Black Ops Performance Exhaust Products:


**Important: Please read and understand these fitting instructions thoroughly before installing.**

     1. **Sealing for optimal performance**

   - Prioritize using a sensor-safe sealant on all gaskets and apply it inside all slip joints. This step ensures a secure and airtight seal, preventing leaks.

     2. **Pre-Assembly of Exhaust components**

   - Begin by loosely assembling all exhaust components onto the vehicle from the front to the rear of the vehicle piece by piece. Finger-tighten all fasteners and bolts to hold the parts together.DO NOT fully tension at this time.

     3. **Positioning the system**

   - Carefully position the exhaust system where you want it to sit. At this stage, check the following:

     - Ensure tip alignment at the rear of the vehicle.

     - Verify proper ground clearance.

     - Confirm all clearances around the exhaust, maintaining at least a 10mm gap.

    4. **Secure and fasten all bolts and clamps**

   - Once you have positioned the system correctly, tighten all fasteners, nuts, bolts, and clamps. Continuously check the position and clearance as you go through this process and again after completing it.

    5. **Initial test drive**

   - If the system is correctly positioned with aligned tips at the rear of the vehicle, you can now start the vehicle. Allow it to warm up before performing a test drive, ensuring the exhaust heats up to operating temperature from front to back.

    6. **Re-check all fasteners while hot.**

   - After the exhaust has reached operating temperature, carefully go through and recheck the tension of all fasteners, nuts, bolts, and clamps while they are still hot. This step is crucial to prevent future issues. As exhaust systems constantly expand and contract with temperature changes, maintaining optimal tension is essential to prevent leaks or parts from shifting.

    7. **Specific note for Holden VE-VF Catback systems**

   - The semi-circle or round shape found on some catpipe flanges is in fact a compressed mesh steel gasket.This must be removed to fit the flat flange and gasket supplied in your kit.

    8. **Specific note for Holden VE-VF Headers**

   - If you are fitting our VE-VF Holden headers, please note the following:

     - Ensure the oil dipstick is refitted with the right-hand side header while bolting it to the cylinder head. Follow this step to ensure the dipstick fits back in place. It must be fitted concurrently with the right-side header.


By following these instructions meticulously, you'll ensure a proper and secure fit for your Black Ops Performance product, enhancing its performance and longevity. If you have any questions or encounter any difficulties during installation, please get in touch with our customer support for assistance.